JUN / 2017

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Adde Salem Project

The objective of the project is the promotion of European Joint Degrees with South American Institutions. The focus in on Joint Masters and Joint Doctorates in Engineering and all the possibly connected disciplines.

Why? What? How?


The final purpose must be greatly enhancing the employability of Joint graduates in Latin America. This means that the curricula offered  them in Europe must respond to the needs of the South American job market, which implies a systematic study of such needs.


We analyze the Joint Degrees at the graduate level, within the Erasmus Mundus framework.


We will put in place a virtuous loop: the feedback from various constituences on the existing programmes will be compared with the emerging needs of the local job markets in order to create a benchmark that will continuosly influence and innovate the curricula.

Main goals

- A detailed study and data gathering on different double degree schemes between South America and Europe.

- Innovation of double degree programs according to the needs of the South American job market.

- External dissemination towards: South American Institutions, perspective students, companies, association and governmental bodies.


- Focus Groups will involve students and professors who, on the top of contributing to interpret, deepen and disseminate the outputs of the web-based surveys, will become promoters of Joint Degrees in and Europe.

- Working Groups will be the key elements to close the feedback loop. Within European Institutions these working groups will propose innovations to their academic bodies in order to have curricula tailor made in order to meet the needs of the South American  partners.



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